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Unique Custom Location:
Wasteland of Kurmyna

The site of the largest battle between the army of Chernarus and the Rebel coalition, Kumyrna’s hospital was days away from a vaccine to end the zombie apocalypse. The battle was long and fierce, but the army was massively outnumbered and outgunned… The town was overrun and destroyed; the hospital left in ruins and its staff viciously murdered and their corpses left scattered for all to see. The message of Kumyrna was simple, there will be no end to the zombie apocalypse.

Some brave souls managed to sneak a crate full of decent gear to the roof of the hospital undetected after the blood bath that was the battle of Kumyrna. This crate contains adequate gear to help set-up survivors for their travels to the North-West.

Mid Tier Loot

Within Kurmyna you are able to find a crate containing .308 and other mid-tier weapons, giving you a headstart on the server on your way to move north.


Apart from many undead in the area, this location many freshies visit on their way north. Make sure to be prepared to engage in a firefight.