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Server Update 4.0

Server Update 4.0:
The Blood Trader 

With server update 4.0 we are introducing a lot of new things to Bloody Nightmare, with the Bloodcoin system being the most focal point.

With DayZ 1.12 you will be able to find Bloodcoins in airdrops, high tier crates, heli crashes alongside plane crashes and in and around out Tier 3 and Tier 4 military zones.


Find and collect Bloodcoins to trade them for high tier weapons and gear at the Blood Trader.

Base building

A new base building option alongside Storage for your base to maximise and utilise space.


New advanced clothing to showcase your style alongside our new mag pouches.

New Events

Build up your base quicker with dynamic base building events.


The Bloodcoin is a new currency on Bloody Nightmare servers.

This currency is not easy to get and as the name suggests, it comes with a high price. You will only be able to find Bloodcoins at Military Zones and Events such as Airdrops, Planecrashes, Helicrashes, Vault 13 Tisy Evac, T3 and T4 Military zones alongside finding them on the bodies of fellow PVP’ers.


Within many Locations you will be able to find a Bloodcoin Container. Each of these containers will contain one single Bloodcoin for you to take.

Be aware, you will need a Lockpick to open these containers so make sure to carry this handy tool around with you.


You will also receive a single Bloodcoin by killing another player.

However, do not think you can simply go and camp balota for the freshies or kill your friends. Only players that are alive for more than one hour will drop a Bloodcoin. You will not be able to loot your own Bloodcoin or the Bloodcoins of your fallen teammates. Getting killed by zombies,animals or any other unique ways in the world of Chernarus will not spawn a Bloodcoin.


With your stash of Bloodcoins you will be able to buy high tier gear and weaponry at the new Blood Trader located at Svyatoy Roman Ski Resort, Just south of Tisy and West of the North West Airfield.

This Location does not have a safezone so be prepared to be killed by other players who are on the hunt for more Bloodcoins or ro just to steal your newly purchased loot!


Make your character and team look even more unique.


Our new Mag Pouches, fitting most AR Magazines on our Server in it.


New silent tactical boots. The optimal gear for tactical warfare.


New tactical gloves. Those light gloves do not have a high isolation and therefore do not make you sweat.

NEW CAMO SETS: US Multicam Tropic and Canadian CADPAT

Check out the newest addition to our gear set. The US Multicam Tropic Set and the Canadian CADPAT Set.


With Server-Update 4.0 we will introduce much more variety in base storage.

3 new gun safes that do not display guns and are therefore are less heavy on performance.

A new shelf kit to which you can attach Weapon Cases, Wooden Boxes and Ammo Boxes.

A new Barrel Shelf kit to which you can attach Vanilla Barrels.

A new Tire Shelf kit to which you can attach all Tires that are used on Bloody Nightmare vehicles.


With this new door you can build better, cleaner and easier bases within vanilla structures.

The single frame door will fit all vanilla door frames in Chernarus, This way you don’t have to build a full wall frame anymore, instead you just simply place a door! The new Door-Kit can be found in Industrial-Areas or at the trader. Simply place it, attach 10 Sheet metal, 40 Nails and you can build a single door! Like any door you are able to attach a Codelock and lock it just like ant Expansion Doors, and as normal one Satchel or Codebreaker will let you bypass it.


Haven’t found any nails or codelocks? No worries! With Server-Update 4.0 there will be a new dynamic event happening on our servers. This works similar to Plane Crashes and Heli Crashes, in certain locations a building truck can spawn with several tool boxes around it. These tool boxes contain the most needed building supplies like nails, codelocks and the tools to put them to good use!

(Here’s a tip, don’t try to take the Boxes with you – you are not able to pick them up).