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Experience your own bloody nightmare


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Are you looking for a new modded DayZ server? A PvP oriented experience; while focusion on performance and with as few third-party mods as possible? Then our server may be perfect for you!

Launched: Mid June 2020

Enjoy our custom content, gear and events


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Gear, Weapons, Storage, Vehicles, Locations. All custom made for the best DayZ experience.

Custom Clothing

Enjoy our detailed custom camo gear

Custom Weapons

Our server has one of the largest and most advanced weapon selections to offer

Custom Zones

Experience our custom event zones with special loot

Custom Vehicles

Drive cars you can't drive anywhere else in DayZ, like the Pursuit Special V8.

Only on Bloody Nightmare


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Discover our custom zones with special event mods and high tier loot.

Tisy Evacuation

Find the evacuation zone at Tisy and find the High Tier Loot Crate. But careful, there are many others that want the same.

Vault 13

Explore the Vault 13 and find the hidden treasures.

Wasteland of Kumyrna

Explore the Wastelands of Kumyrna and find the Event-Crate for an optimal start on our server.

Mines of Skalisty

Are you brave enough to go into the darkness? In the Mines of Skalisty gold and silver is awaiting you.

This server not only met, but exceeded our expectations!

"My friend and I were pretty sad that another server closed down, so we looked for another one. This server not only met, but exceeded our expectations! We got to play around with so many cool guns. Fashion on this server is second to none that I have seen. The basebuilding is smart. The cherry on top was the custom zones. Whoever made them has really outdone himself! Vault 13 is hands down one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my 6 years in DayZ standalone."

- Vaf

This is the best server

"It's simple. This is the best server for DayZ. Trust me."

- Kopareo

Not for cheaters

"Those admins are way to active. They catched me within minutes. Makes no fun to pay for cheats if you can't use them. Dont play on this server if you wanna cheat, there are better ones out there that don't catch you that fast."

- Cheater